Akbash Shepherd Dog

Akbaş, a Turkish shepherd dog breed, is the oldest guard and shepherd dog breed of Anatolia. They are raised as livestock guardian dog in Sivrihisar and its vicinity.

Alemşah Gunbat

The Alemşah Gunbat was ordered by Melikşah of the Seljuk Sultanate in memory of his martyred brother Sultanşah in H. 728 / 1327 AD.

Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi Mosque (New Mosque)

The mosque which was ordered by Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi in 15th century and named after him went under an extensive repair by District Governer Mahmud Arif Bey in H.1313 / 1825 AD to the degree of being almost rebuilt. For this reason, it is referred to as the New Mosque.

Çardak Bath

Built upon therapeutic hot spring water which has been used since the Roman period, Çardak Bath is a Seljuk construction.

Clock Tower

One of the landmarks of Sivrihisar, Clock Tower is located on the reef in North of the town. It is recorded in the Ankara Yearbook dated H.1318 / 1902 AD that the Clock Tower was ordered to be built by Mahmut Bey, the district governor of the time, and Hacı Mehmet Efendi, the mayor of Sivrihisar, in H.1316 / 1899 AD (Erol Altınsapan).

Kılıç Mesjid Minaret

Kılıç Mosque was ordered by Sheikh Mehmet Efendi in H. 570/1175 AD. The mosque was demolished and only the minaret remained.

Kurşunlu (Sheik Baba Yusuf) Mosque

Baba Yusuf built this mosque, hoping for God’s mercy. There was no one like him in his century. Let the cavalry man water his horse, and may God make His praying servants happy. Kudsi recorded the day as follows: Whoever enters the mosque shall be safe. 1492 AD

Nasreddin Hodja’s Sarcophagus

The sarcophagus, which was kept in Sivrihisar Great Mosque’s Library and later transferred to Sivrihisar Town Hall, had been believed to belong to Sheik Ömer, Nasreddin Hodja’s son.


Pessinus is located 13 km southeast of Sivrihisar, in the eastern part of Middle Phrygia, where the village of Ballıhisar is located today.

Sivrihisar Houses

Old wooden Sivrihisar houses, which maintain their historical texture, and alleys of Sivrihisar with cobblestone pavements, which were supported with street restorations, give the impression of a journey through history.

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