Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi Mosque (New Mosque)

The mosque which was ordered by Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi in 15th century and named after him went under an extensive repair by District Governer Mahmud Arif Bey in H.1313 / 1825 AD to the degree of being almost rebuilt. For this reason, it is referred to as the New Mosque.

It is a wooden mosque and a beautiful example of the initial westernization stage of Ottoman architecture. The effect of this westernization can be observed from the half-moon-shaped steps which lead to the mosque until the top cover and is especially evident in hand-carved decorations. Motifs in Baroque and Imperial style within panels, fruit and flower patterns and looped curtain motifs within the altar are notable examples of westernization. The structure stands out as the only mosque in Sivrihisar built in the westernization period.

Today, Mayor Hamid Yüzügüllü and Sivrihisar community make the necessary effort to protect this work and contribute to the future of Sivrihisar.


  • Efzunter eyleye ömrün Hüdâ Abdülhâmid Hân’ın /Ki zîlli ref’et in cümle bilâda eyledi temdîd.
  • Cevâmi medrese mektep hemîşe itmede ihyâ / Fezâ-yı birr ve ihsân-ı değildir kâbil-i tahdît.
  • Bu camii ki cenâb-ı şeyh Aziz Mahmud Hüdâyi’ye/Vâr iken intisâbı dehrânı itmiş idi tebdîd.
  • O şâhın bendesi kâimmakam Mahmud Arif Bey-/İâneyle iden bu câmi sertâbipâ teşyîd.
  • Ki Mar’aş hânedânından o zât-ı pür kerem elhâk /İder her yerde nâmın dâima hayrât ile te’bîd.
  • Nükûd ve himmetin bezl eyleyen erbâbı ihsânın/ Ucûrin Hak muzâ’af hem sevâbın eylesin tezyîd.
  • Kılındıkça namazlar bu ibâdetgâhı enverde/ Duâyı zilli Yezdân’ı okunsun hem senâ tahmîd.
  • Bu âciz fikrimi it’ab iderken nazmı târihe/ Kemâl-i feyz-i bâriden idildim süphesiz te’yîd.
  • Gelüb üçler dedi târihi rengînin hemân âtıf / Olundu nakd-i himmetle Hüdâyi Cami tecdîd. 1313

May Allah make Abdulhamid Khan’s life long. Allah extended the shadow of Abdulhamid Khan’s kindness to all towns. He always builds mosques, madrasas and schools. His benefactions and contributions are never limited. This mosque belongs to His Holiness Sheik Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi. The fact that he ordered this mosque certainly shows his commitment to Allah. Mehmed Arif Bey is a servant of the sheik and the district governor. With his help, this mosque was repaired entirely. The name of this person from the miraculous Maraş family line is accepted everywhere due to his benefactions. May Allah increase good deeds of benefactors. As prayers are performed in this mosque, may believers pray to increase his efforts and also praise Allah. As a humble servant, I received help from Allah while writing this poem to the history. Hüdayi Cami was renewed with donations. 1895

His Holiness Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi

Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi was born in Sivrihisar in H. 950 / 1543 AD and passed away in H.1038 / 1628 AD in Istanbul.  His given name was Mahmud. He was later given the name “Hüdayi” and the title “Aziz (Saint)”. He is from the lineage of His Holiness Cüneyd-i Bağdadi and a “sayyid”.

Until his death, Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi served as a preacher in Üsküdar, showed people the true path and helped them tame their desires. He lived in the times of Murad III (1574-1595), Mehmed III (1595-1603), Ahmed I (1603-1617), Osman II (1618- 1622), and Murad IV (1623-1640). He was loved and respected greatly by all of them.He made great efforts so that sultans would be fair, vigorous and spiritually strong and also dressed emotional wounds of statesmen and community who were suffocated due to certain chaotic events like a physician. For this reason, almost everyone ran to his services to draw a breath and find the right path thorough his wisdom and his lodge became a place where people find peace and joy.

According to legends, Sultan Ahmed I loved and trusted Hüdayi so much as to be a soldier in his spiritual army. Those who had been condemned to death would be pardoned after visiting Hüdayi’s lodge. Because those who visited his lodge would tame their desires and became saint-like.


Upon the request of Sultan Ahmed I, His Holiness Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi said the following prayer:

O Lord! Those who follow our path, who love us and who come to our tomb and recite the Al Fatiha even once in their lives are one of us. Those who are one of us may not drown in sea, not suffer from poverty in their mortal lives, not die unless their faith saves them, know that they shall die and be informed and not die drowning in sea!


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